Statement from the AOG Board of Directors

Recently in a virtual meeting the AOG CEO was asked if the majority of the AOG Board of Directors thought the 6 January attack on our nation’s Capitol was justified.

Without question, the Board unanimously condemned the actions of all who entered the Capitol, assaulted law enforcement personnel and desecrated the hallowed halls of Congress. We affirm one’s constitutional right to assemble peacefully but would never support unlawful or illegal acts.

With respect to any AOG member involved in the illegal activities surrounding the 6 January event — the Board will review membership in accordance with our bylaws which require a 45-day notification to anyone who may have their membership revoked.

Your AOG is an important conduit for frank conversations about the challenges we face as a country.  It is imperative to continue our diverse and engaged thought leadership as a graduate community.

Please feel free to contact any AOG Board Director — we are here to serve you.


Your Board of Directors


CEO Mike Gould, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) '76

AOG Board Statement on Leading the Way — 15 Jan 2021

Cathy McClain '82

Bob Lowe '71
Vice Chairman

Glenn Strebe '87

Ginny Caine Tonneson '80


Hans Mueh '66
Garry Dudley '68
Mark Volcheff '75

Frank Gorenc '79
Randy Helms '79
Will Gunn '80

Diann Boyle '83
Dennis Dabney '89
John Vargas '96

Nancy Taylor '01
Andrew Hendel '09
Emma Przybyslawski '10