Access To and Tours of Cadet Area for AOG Members

Responding to requests, the AOG has created a program to allow Academy Graduates escorted access to the cadet area. We will make every effort to arrange necessary escorts whenever contacted, 10-business day notice is needed to schedule a volunteer.

Visits with Cadet, USAFA Staff Members and Departments

AOG members who wish to visit a cadet, Academy staff members or department should contact the cadet/staff member/department directly so they may arrange for your escort. AOG Customer Service will be pleased to provide telephone numbers or email addresses of individuals or departments.


Most of the Academy is open to all tourists. You may visit the Visitors Center, Chapel, Arnold Hall, the Field House, and Hall of Excellence without an escort. The Cadet Area (Terrazzo) has always been closed to the public, including graduates, and is now fenced. Special access is required to tour the Cadet Area. The AOG will make every effort to provide tours of the Cadet Area at times requested for the member, on occasion, AOG staff may not be available to conduct them. If you are not a member, AOG Customer Service will be pleased to sign you up for membership.

Tours will be conducted during normal duty days. Cadet activities within the cadet area and weather, though, could cause cancellation of tours on certain days. No tours are authorized when basic cadets are training in the cadet area, during reunion weekends, holidays, or when Cadet Wing training dictates. An AOG volunteer will contact you to arrange your tour.

The AOG tour program supports purchasing Memorial Cabinets for graduates killed in recent worldwide conflicts. The six foot, wooden, display cabinets are placed in the deceased graduate's squadron and filled with personal and military tributes. Any contribution made to the tour program will go directly to this endeavor.

Groups of more than twenty require coordination with the cadet wing and security forces. Please contact the Visitor's Center.

How to Arrange an AOG Escorted Tour for an AOG Member

Requests for tours should be made as far in advance as possible. To schedule a tour, please fill out the form below.


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