2017 Election Results

The Election results are in (view report). Congratulations to the five newly elected Directors for the AOG Board. These graduates will commence their four-year term May 5, 2017 at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Hans Mueh, '66
Cathy McClain, '82
Emma Przbyslawski, '10
Bob Munson, '73
Virginia Caine Tonneson, '80

The overall voter turnout was 19.82%, well short of the 25% requirement to pass the three Bylaws initiatives on the ballot. However, each of the three initiatives received overwhelming support:

  • A revised Vision statement: 89.3% Approve
  • Moving to a Single CEO for the AOG and USAFA Endowment: 86.5% Approve
  • Authorizing the CAS President to be a voting member: 93.2% Approve

Finally, while the comments provided, as either Disapprove or Very Disapprove, of the voting process was 1.2% of respondents, there were many good inputs that will be incorporated in future elections. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for voting.

The AOG Board of Directors

New Board Members