The 2019 Association of Graduates Election will be conducted from February 4, 2019, through noon Mountain Time on March 18, 2019.


The AOG Board of Directors will propose a Bylaw change that will allow a single President and CEO to lead both the AOG and the Endowment.

It is vital that members vote. Why? Because our Bylaws require a quorum of 25% of the membership for Bylaw changes to be enacted.


Six directors also will be elected to four-year terms as a result of the upcoming election. The complete candidate slate will be finalized following the regularly scheduled Board meeting in November. Six of the listed candidates will represent the AOG members on the Board of Directors, so please make your informed vote count.

Questions may be sent to AOG Executive Assistant, Emma Ross, or AOG Executive Vice President, Steve Simon, at elections@aogusafa.org.



Over the course of the upcoming election, AOG members may receive email correspondence from fellow graduates stating their strong support or opposition of the bylaw change. The AOG is compelled by Colorado law to share email addresses and postal addresses of members if a fellow member wishes to disseminate information about election issues. We appreciate the fact that graduates have differing opinions about the single CEO plan. As you make your decision, the AOG Board asks that you review our official election website — usafa.org/election — for the details and rationale behind the bylaw change. Of course, you may always reach out to Board members directly via this link — usafa.org/AOG/Board.


AOG Electronic Election Forum Video

AOG Election Information Video


Newly Elected Directors