Distinguished Chapters

Distinguished Chapters are chapters which have made a significant contribution through service and networking efforts, and are being recognized for their support to graduates, the United States Air Force Academy and their local community.

The Distinguished Chapter Award

The Distinguished Chapter Award recognizes USAFA AOG chapters whose activities and programs serve to enhance and support their local communities and the Air Force Academy family.

Determination of eligibility is based on a simple system whereby chapters receive points for various activities and programs.

The award provides winning chapters the following benefits: *

  • Distinguished Chapter Award acknowledgment on the AOG Chapter webpage.
  • Distinguished Chapter Flag which is kept by the Chapter.
  • Up to $500 credit for travel for the Distinguished Chapter president (or their representative) to attend the USAFA AOG Chapter Presidents Conference.
  • $250 towards the chapter's Founders Day event.
  • $300 worth of AOG merchandise for giveaways or to use at Chapter events.

* Subject to future change based on approved AOG budget

How To Become A Distinguished Chapter

To be eligible for the Distinguished Chapter Award, a chapter must complete/accomplish each of the five essential activities:

  1. Have a Founders Day Celebration.
  2. Have at least one service-related project or event.
  3. Send a representative to the Chapter Presidents Conference & submit a report to chapter leader and/or membership following the conference.
  4. Accumulate at least 150 points for engagement/outreach efforts.
  5. Submit a list of proposed activities/events for the upcoming year.

In addition to the five essential activities, a chapter must complete enough events/activities to accumulate at least 2,000 points. See Distinguished Chapter Guide for pointing system.

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