2023–2028 Strategic Plan

The Association of Graduates and the Air Force Academy Foundation are together transforming to better serve graduates, support the Air Force Academy and preserve the proud heritage of the institution and the Long Blue Line. This transformation is underway through a new joint 5-year strategic plan for 2023-2028 that unites the AOG and Foundation under a single vision and mission.


To be an Association and Foundation of influence and impact, supporting the Academy’s enduring mission of developing leaders of character for the nation, and providing a lifetime of service to the Long Blue Line.


Together, we support the Academy, serve our graduates and preserve the heritage of the institution.

Strategic Priorities

To implement the new joint mission, the plan includes five strategic priorities, each with action plans, timetables and accountabilities. Our strategies and the specific actions under each were informed by what we learned from the 2022 Comprehensive Survey of All Graduates, through which 8,616 graduates provided feedback.

  • Engagement – Cultivate lifelong relationships and provide valued service to the Academy and our graduates.
  • Philanthropy – Enhance financial strength and stability to advance the Academy and sustain our mission.
  • Stewardship – Responsibly seek and manage gifted time, talent, treasure and relationships.
  • Communication – Tell the story of our Academy, our graduates and our mission with our words and actions.
  • Organizational Excellence – Align our values, our culture and our commitment as a team to drive overall effectiveness of our mission.

Operating Plan

To drive strategic plan implementation, the AOG and Foundation have a joint operating plan for 2024. The operating plan will refresh annually as we work hard – and with purpose and inspiration – to serve graduates, support the Academy and preserve the heritage of the institution.


The joint strategic plan was reviewed at the spring, summer and fall 2022 AOG and Foundation Board of Directors meetings, gaining final approval in the fall meetings. We have shared the plan along the way with the Class Advisory Senate, chapters, affinity groups and others.

The timeline for the joint strategic plan includes an execution and evaluation phase from 2023-2027. During this phase, we will successfully conclude the Defining Our Future comprehensive campaign, conduct a board-level review of the plan (review encompasses both the AOG and Foundation boards), and explore the next campaign focused on mission imperatives and Academy priorities. The plan then takes us into an evaluative phase in 2028, when another board-level review commences.


Graduates are welcome to provide feedback on the plan through feedback@usafa.org.


Strategic Plan
Operating Plan