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This bright future for our Academy and our nation is not without cost. This future is established by our vision, assured by our collective commitment and galvanized by our resolve.

Like all great public institutions, federal and state funding is increasingly inadequate to keep pace with the requirements of a modern university. Our Academy now requires sustained private support in order to attract the best minds and to provide the best educational experience.

In order to substantially increase the impact of philanthropy at the United States Air Force Academy, the USAFA Endowment has a commitment to increase the amount of unrestricted funds that are available to help advance Academy priorities.

Unrestricted gifts provide the Endowment with the flexibility to respond to annual operational needs and priorities of the Academy, as set forth by the Superintendent. In accordance with USAFA Endowment guidelines, 10% of all gifts are allocated for unrestricted use, to be used for one or more of the following purposes: cadet programs; support for the Association of Graduates and other Academy-affiliated foundations; and operations of the USAFA Endowment.

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