March 2015 Checkpoints

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The March 2015 issue of Checkpoints features a new frontier of the Wing Open. Also read about updates from the Academy and more! Checkpoints Online has bonus articles beyond the printed magazine.

Checkpoints Online - March 2015

Bonus Content

  • Additional Articles:

    • Force Shaping and Its Potential Financial Consequences
      William Jarrett Little ’08 attended JUPT at Whiting Field in Milton, Florida where he was eliminated from training. After he was eliminated, the Air Force attempted to recoup his USAFA education costs—approximately $92,000. After a four-year struggle, it was found that Little should not have been required to repay the government. This is what he learned along the way.

    • Long Blue Ladle—Off the Menu
      More delicious recipes from your fellow graduates!

    • Worth 1000 Words
      Relive the beauty of an Academy winter.

    • And more!