Class Legacy Events

The Legacy Class program pairs the newest class with the class that had graduated 50 years before them.

Acceptance Parade

The Acceptance Parade takes place after the Basics complete BCT. At this parade, they are "accepted" into the cadet wing and they become fourth-class cadets. The Legacy Class is invited to view the parade and present Contrails to the outstanding basic from each of the 10 squadrons.

Exemplar Dinner

The Exemplar Dinner for the third class takes place during the fall semester. Since the Class of 2000, each class has chosen someone who "exemplifies" the type of person the class wishes to emulate (view list). The third-class cadets celebrate this selection at a formal dinner, which Legacy Class members are invited to attend.

Commitment Dinner

Commitment Dinner for the second class takes place at the start of the fall semester. Once the cadets return to the Academy for their second class year, they incur the financial or active duty "commitment" for their education if they depart the Academy prior to graduation. Members of the Legacy Class are invited to attend the Commitment dinner to celebrate with the second-class cadets.

Ring Dining-Out

Ring Dining-Out for the second class takes place the Friday evening prior to Graduation. Members of the Legacy Class are invited to attend the Dining-Out to join with the second-class cadets where they eat, listen to a guest speaker, and watch the class receive their rings.

100th Night

100th night for the first-class cadets takes place approximately 100 nights before graduation. It is an opportunity for the first-class cadets to join with the Legacy Class and celebrate 100 days to graduation and commission as second lieutenants. Cadets also receive their base assignments and are given liberty for the weekend to celebrate.

If you have questions regarding Class Legacy Events, contact our Graduate Programs Department.

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