USAFA grads tackle the All Academy Challenge

Air Force Academy graduates stepped up to the 2018 All Academy Challenge, raising more than $255,000 to support transformative programs that prepare cadets to become leaders of character for the Air Force and the nation.  

The annual alumni participation and fundraising competition generates a friendly rivalry between the five service academies: Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines.

The United States Merchant Marine Academy won the 2018 All Academy Challenge with an alumni participation rate of 16.8 percent. West Point took second place with alumni participation at 16.22 percent, but led the way in gifts, raising more than $1.2 million for the academy.

At USAFA, the rivalry between graduating classes pushed the class of 1970 to the top, with a participation rate of 20.38 percent. The class of 1967 came in second with 15.74 percent, narrowly edging out the class of 1966’s 15.22 percent participation. See the full list of class participation.

A USAFA competition between class colors (Red, Blue, Gold, Silver) pushed red to the top with a participation rate of 4.33 percent. Gold classes were second with 3.71 percent partcipation rate, Blue was third (2.85 percent), and Silver was fourth (2.71 percent)

The top five funds receiving support included:

  1. Air Force Academy Fund
  2. Character Programs
  3. Academic Excellence
  4. Class of ’76 Air Garden Renovation
  5. Class of ’71 Air Warrior Combat Memorial.

"I offer sincere thanks to the graduates who stepped up to the 2018 All Academy Challenge. Their support truly makes a difference in the lives of our cadets,” says retired Lt. Gen. Mike Gould ’76, president and CEO of the USAFA Endowment.

"But let’s be honest; finishing last in a five-way race doesn’t say much about our institutional pride. Now that we’ve just exceeded 50,000 Academy grads, we all know we can -- and should do better! I urge all graduates to think long and hard about how much their Academy experiences have done for them and make giving back a priority! Let’s make a commitment to participate in the All Academy Challenge next year to show today's cadets the importance of staying connected, giving back and taking pride in strengthening the Long Blue Line.”


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