Patrick Yanke Class Of 1993


Patrick, Class of 1993, is a speaker, author and certified financial planning practitioner with a passion for helping people and organizations identify primary motivations and align goals. He is a teacher who has presented acclaimed programs coast to coast in diverse settings to a wide range of audiences. He explores the reasons behind thoughts, words and actions to uncover the “why” that motivates people and organizations. Not bound by the limits of geography in an age of technology, he has clients in every American time zone. He sits on the Industry Advisory Panel for the American Public University System.

Candidacy Statement
So many times we encounter those who don’t know there is an Air Force Academy equal in stature to West Point and Annapolis. Our roots aren’t as deep as theirs — our Long Blue Line is in front of us, not behind. We are forward-looking. Our heritage is unique — even among service academies. The opportunities to learn and serve are key in order to achieve new heights in aviation, new territories in business, and new frontiers in cyberspace. I am a USAFA ambassador in all I do. I hope to serve the interests of the graduates and the institution that has been foundational to my success.