Dan Vician Class Of 1972


Grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Public schools, Student Council, Class Officer. Jobs growing up led to my '60 Chevy Impala. Efforts to get into the Zoo started with my first visit to my Congressman — as an 8th grader. Later, a Doolie, Jack's Valley in formation, wondering what I got myself into, I told myself that I was living my dream — and sucked it up. My life: personal drive, being responsible, volunteering, being in leadership positions. Military: Squadron Executive Officer; Chief Pilot; Commander. Civilian: Commercial pilot. Involved/engaged; working with and for people; achieving goals. Ready for the BOD!

Candidacy Statement
Hello, Dan Vician here, '72. Hopefully everything with you and yours is outstanding! I'm writing this statement of candidacy with a keen sense of excitement, mixed with an earnest commitment to serve both the AOG as an institution; and also you, the membership who are the institution. I will attend the meetings of the AOG over this four-year period. I will work through issues with the other Board members. I will support continued efforts to improve and enhance the AOG. Be a participant and vote; and please give me your thoughtful consideration.