CyberWorx brings together a variety of problem solvers — cadets, industry leaders, academics, Air Force leaders — to design effective solutions. The program encourages innovation and collaboration in order to offer an array of potential solutions to each problem faced.

CyberWorx receives problems from the Air Force for cadet and industry partners to solve. During each project — whether an intense short-term collaboration or semester-long examination — USAFA cadets work with commercial partners to develop, expand on and test any and all ideas offered. This unique way of problem solving encourages cadets to embrace a spirit of innovation that can be carried with them as they move through their professional military careers.

The USAFA Endowment is fundraising to help CyberWorx expand its capabilities, its reach, and ultimately, its impact. Gifts made to support CyberWorx will equip modern labs, enhance cyber-related curriculum for cadets, and create the infrastructure to manage projects for capstone courses and the Academy’s Center for Cyberspace Research.

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