Cyber Innovation

Cyberspace is the newest frontier for today’s war fighter, and the cyber programs at the U.S. Air Force Academy help cadets prepare for its complex future. Cadets, faculty, industry representatives and partners from other universities are working together to address cyber-related problems unique to the U.S. Air Force. The projects offer design problems for current cadets, solutions for the Air Force and potential commercial innovations for industry partners.

The United States Air Force Academy Endowment’s fundraising efforts will ensure the expansion of the Academy’s cyber capabilities, reach, and ultimately, impact. Gifts made to support Academy cyber programs will equip modern labs, enhance cyber-related curriculum for cadets, and create the infrastructure to manage projects for capstone courses and research opportunities.

The USAFA Center for Cyber Innovation will bring together Air Force CyberWorx, the Department of Homeland Security’s Center of Innovation and the Academy’s Department of Computer and Cyber Sciences under one roof. This collaborative force will attract a variety of problem solvers — cadets, industry leaders, academics and military operators — to educate, design and develop effective solutions for the war fighter.

The USAFA Center for Cyber Innovation is melding military, academic and industry expertise to solve critical cyber problems and redefine cyber paradigms in the process. The four pillars of excellence support the foundation of the Academy’s rapidly expanding Center for Cyber Innovation: education and training, research and development, human-centered design, and public/private partnership.


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Cyber harnesses the ingenuity of our more than 4,000 digital native cadets, innovating ways to revolutionize our employment of cyber technologies and directly influence the capabilities that our Air Force employs. The partnerships built here allow us to educate and train officers who enter the Air Force ready to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and effectively integrate operations in all three mission domains: air, space and cyberspace. The future of cyber is bright with possibilities.

Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria ’85, superintendent of the Air Force Academy

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