Heritage Program at Doolittle Hall to Change

Brig. Gen. Kristin Goodwin, United States Air Force Academy commandant of cadets, announced on May 4, 2018, that Inprocessing for the Class of 2022 would begin at the Field House rather than Doolittle Hall. The change will open up two opportunities for the Association of Graduates (AOG) to showcase the facilities and programs at Doolittle Hall.

1. On June 28, Inprocessing Day, the AOG will co-host a family “festival” at Doolittle Hall. The event, held in conjunction with the Colorado Parents’ Club, will provide a welcoming place for families to go after their appointees begin their Academy careers at the Field House. Activities at the AOG building and grounds will include food and drink, briefings and tours highlighting some of the primary heritage sites, a place for family members to write their “first letters” to their soon-to-be-cadets, activities for younger family members, and the chance to purchase Class of ’22 merchandise.

2. On Aug. 2, 2018, Doolittle Hall will play host to all of the basic cadets. (This event will replace the previously scheduled July 17-19 basic cadet sessions.) The basics’ visit will occur between their return from Jacks Valley and the Acceptance Parade. The primary reason for the visit is for them to meet with members of the Class of ’59 and accept the first graduating class’s challenge by walking across the bridge. The basics also will receive an introductory briefing on the historical artifacts and displays at the Doolittle complex, and then visit these venues. Because the visit will take place later in the summer than in previous years, the basic cadets will have a much greater appreciation for the Academy, the Long Blue Line, and the graduate community, particularly the ground-breaking exploits of the Class of ’59.

In both cases, Academy graduates will be on hand to interact with the visitors. Many of these graduates participated in the events depicted on the displays, particularly at the Southeast Asia Pavilion. Some of the graduates studied, worked and went to war with the heroes honored there and at the Memorial Wall. As subject-matter experts, they will be ideal ambassadors as basic cadets and their family members learn about the Air Force Academy and its rich heritage.

UPDATE: Learn more about FamFest 2022 on Inprocessing Day

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