USAFA grads meet the challenge

Air Force Academy graduates rallied behind the 2017 All Academy Challenge to raise $298,908 for a variety of USAFA projects and programs during the seven-day fundraising competition between the five service academies (United States Air Force Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Military Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy and United States Merchant Marine Academy), May 31 and June 6.

By the numbers, the USAFA finished fifth, with 1,633 graduates (3.7 percent) contributing.

Kudos to the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) for winning the All Academy Challenge. USMMA alumni came out on top with a 13.5 percent participation rate, raising $438,770.

Overall, more than 11,000 service academy grads contributed $3.45 million to their alma maters.

The top five USAFA graduating classes by number of donors included: (1) Class of 1970; (2) Class of 1967; (3) Class of 1979; (4) 1968; (5) Class of 1971.

The top five funds receiving donations included: (1) Air Force Academy Fund; (2) Class of ’71 Fund for the Air Warrior Combat Memorial; (3) Class of ’76 Fund for the Air Garden Renovation; (4) Vern Francis Perpetual Fund for Men’s Rugby; (5) Character and Leadership Programs Fund.

The top five classes by percentage of donors included (1) Class of 1970; (2) Class of 1967; (3) Class of 1966; (4) 1968; (5) Class of 1961.

Our sincere thanks to all USAFA grads who embraced the 2017 All Academy Challenge to increased the margin of excellence for all cadets at the Air Force Academy.


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