Donor FAQs

I received a call regarding fund-raising for the Academy. Why aren't cadets calling?

Cadets are sworn in as United States Air Force personnel at the beginning of their USAFA experience and are not legally allowed to solicit potential donors. In the absence of cadet callers, the Endowment has contracted with a third-party company that offers calling services on behalf of the USAFA Endowment. Ruffalo Noel Levitz, an industry leader in third-party charitable calling, has partnered with the Endowment for almost a decade. The company does not receive any of the funds raised during the phonathon. In fact, all contributions are sent directly to the USAFA Endowment. The callers do not work on a commission; the company is paid a set fee for its services.

What is the Endowment's connection to the AOG?

The USAFA Endowment is a separate legal entity from the Association of Graduates (AOG); however, the Endowment does provide annual support to AOG graduate programs through donations to the Air Force Academy Fund. Those gifts are intended to support AOG programs that enhance the graduate community.

Why doesn't the government pay for everything?

The government supplies the Academy with its basic funding. However, the Academy requires sustained private support to attract the best minds and provide the best educational experience. Private support does not replace the government's responsibility, but is used to expand the excellence that sets the Academy apart. Private dollars have helped fund character development seminars, international immersion experiences, internships, cadet clubs, capital projects and much more.

What is the difference between AOG membership dues and donations to the Endowment?

The USAFA Endowment raises private funds to support and develop programs for the Air Force Academy that would not otherwise be fully funded by the government and the AOG. Gifts made to the Endowment are considered charitable contributions and are therefore tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The Association of Graduates (AOG) serves as an alumni association for the Academy, providing services to graduates and parents that include class ring maintenance, class reunions, the Parent Handbook and many others. 

How will my gift be used?

Unrestricted gifts provide the Endowment with the flexibility to respond to annual operational needs and priorities of the Academy, as set forth by the Superintendent. In accordance with USAFA Endowment guidelines, 10% of all gifts are allocated for unrestricted use, to be used for one or more of the following purposes: cadet programs; support for the Association of Graduates and other Academy-affiliated foundations; and operations of the USAFA Endowment.


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