Why your fellow graduates chose to attend SACC

I’ve researched some other job fairs, and I’ve been to two others, and what’s unique about here [even though other job fairs] focus on military, as well – but, this one is exceptional because it focuses solely on the service academy graduate. And that brings a certain level of expectation with the person in a suite that’s applying for a job. So, that’s what I like about this particular job fair that you’re not seeing at others.

Lt Col Harold Hicks, ’93

Last May I found myself back on the job market, and decided to attend the Service Academy Career Conference in Washington, DC. I could not have been more blown away by the quality of jobs on offer from some of the world’s most sought after and interesting brands. Booths were staffed with high level recruiters inside these organizations who genuinely wanted to help me find the right seat on their bus.

Following an insanely long day of networking (I went non-stop)… and a flurry of first round filtering phone interviews (which went both ways)… I found myself on-site looking at four totally different and amazing opportunities. Each was a position I would have accepted in isolation:

  • Koch Industries was looking for a manufacturing leader near Chicago.
  • Palantir (arguably the hottest defense tech startup) was looking for a product manager in Georgetown.
  • Google was looking for a project manager in Mountain View.
  • Sherwin-Williams was looking for a warehouse & logistics leader in Reno.

Four incredible companies with four incredible jobs… and I was in the driver’s seat!

Elliot Wilson ’04

[The 2016 DCC SACC is] my third attendance. I knew that SACC was going to definitely be an experience, and a great networking opportunity that not a lot of other military members get, and I knew that it would expose me to some of these other companies that are looking for the leadership experience that the service academies taught me.

Rachel Mooney ’08

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