On how they feel after SACC

I feel really confident that the contacts I’ve made, the information I’ve received right now has definitely put me on the right path for getting a position with a company. I’m amazed that I might be more qualified for positions that I didn’t even know existed out there […] in a wide range of services and fields.

Confidence comes with knowledge, and the knowledge is with the corporations and the folks that they sent. I’m really, really confident that at least I know what’s out there and how to set myself up, to position myself for success.

Lt Col Harold Hicks, ’93

Six months ago, I think I was a little bit of a nervous wreck. Do I press the “submit” button to the AFPC that I actually want to get out? And since my attendance in November 2015, my confidence really just has definitely risen and I know that what I can provide to these companies is what they’re looking for.

Rachel Mooney ’08

Any USAFA grad must consider going to at least one SACC during their transition preparation. I found the seminars and career fair to be immensely valuable in my search of the next great opportunity. In fact, the connections made at SACC allowed to me to secure a fantastic position in a Fortune 50 company. Do yourself a favor, and get yourself to one of these events and take the time before and after to prepare and follow up.

Daniel Johns ‘08

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