Advice from your fellow graduates

Start early and network!

Lt Col Harold Hicks, ’93

Nine months later, I was given the opportunity to come back to SACC Savannah as a hiring company. There were again awesome companies with awesome opportunities... but I could help but notice that our graduate turnout was noticeably lower than our friends from West Point & Annapolis. Perhaps we really all do have perfect jobs and have reached our potential... or, as others suggested to me... Air Force grads simply do not appreciate the full power and value of the 5 Academy SACC hiring events. If there is any truth to this later suggestion, it needs to change.

The upcoming DC SACC, May 11-12, is the biggest of the four quarterly SACC events… and recruiting companies know this. If you are a grad even passively on the job market… this is where you need to be. (And if you are a hiring manager of great talent... this is where you need to pull from.) Registration is currently open. Do not hesitate or second guess your decision to go.

Elliot Wilson ’04

I ran into some other folks here that I went to the academy with. I could sense from my conversations with them that they were just as nervous as I was about six months ago. The biggest thing that I wanted to let them know is that these companies – they want you! So, even if you don’t know what you can offer them or you don’t know what you want to do in the civilian sector, these companies will find a role for you because of your leadership and your management experience that others my age have not had the privilege of experiencing yet.

Rachel Mooney ’08

I believe that it is imperative to open up all avenues of the job search, and SACC is an invaluable resource that should be taken advantage of! Networking is key to the job search, and the built-in network of SACC proved key to my successful transition! Even though I was unable to attend in person (I was still stationed overseas), I sent my resume into the SACC. And by getting my resume in front of company recruiters that were specifically looking for Service Academy Graduates, I found multiple opportunities that directly led to my next career. If you're a transitioning Service Academy Graduate and are not using SACC, you are not maximizing your network and resources. Good Luck to All! During my initial job search, a fellow Academy Grad told me of the importance of SACC, and I am glad that I listened!

Pete Lommen '95

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