Class of ’89 30th Reunion Campaign - ’89 Endowment Fund (Exemplar Program)


In honor of our 30th Reunion, the Class of ’89 is raising funds for the ’89 Endowment Fund in support of the Cadet Exemplar Program.

This program provides an avenue for each Air Force Academy class to identify with a past air power military giant who symbolizes the depth of knowledge, character and discipline they seek to emulate. The Cadet Exemplar Program is designed to link our nation’s rich heritage with our boundless future. The selected Class Exemplar not only becomes the cadet’s honorary class leader, but the very namesake and identity of that particular class.

The exemplar becomes the focal point of inspiration for the cadets as they prepare for their roles as Air Force officers and serve throughout their careers. The Cadet Exemplar Program strives to form an unbreakable unity between past leaders and today’s future leaders so that the critical values of Integrity, Selfless Service, and Excellence will continue to prosper at the United States Air Force Academy and in the nation as a whole.

Our generous support of the USAFA Cadet Exemplar Program will be recognized as a lasting legacy for the Class of ’89.

Please join the Class of ’89 in supporting our Academy by contacting the Class Gift Committee at

You can also contact our USAFA Endowment Class Giving representatives:

Raz Doherty: 719-472-2055 - Or Randy Helms ’79: 719-472-2044 -