1954 Society

The Air Force Academy's most loyal donors

Named for the United States Air Force Academy's founding year, the 1954 Society celebrates loyal donors of the Academy community. The 1954 Society provides much-deserved recognition to those donors we can count on to provide support to the Air Force Academy each and every year. Donors set a philanthropic example for fellow graduates, parents and friends while they play a vital role in ensuring the stability and growth of the Air Force Academy.

These consecutive gifts, at any level, are the foundation of support for the Cadet Wing and the Academy's ongoing and emerging needs.

Donors become part of the 1954 Society after they have given gifts in support of the Academy in three consecutive calendar years. Once you receive this recognition, it is important to know the guidelines we use for continued recognition:

  • Recognition is maintained as long as the donor makes at least one gift to the Air Force Academy (outright gift or pledge payment) each calendar year.
  • Couples are recognized for their combined donations.
  • Once achieved, recognition in the 1954 Society will continue until a calendar year passes in which the donor does not make a gift to the Air Force Academy.
  • Former donors can regain 1954 Society status after resuming their support of the Air Force Academy for three consecutive calendar years.

In appreciation for their loyalty, donors:

  • Receive a welcome packet to symbolize the partnership they have forged with the United States Air Force Academy Endowment in support of the Academy.
  • Receive a lapel pin commemorating this milestone.
  • Are recognized in the USAFA Endowment's online Annual Report.

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