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Class Gift Program

USAFA Class of 2006

For our 10th Reunion, we have embarked on a Class of ’06 Class Gift Project for the Academy. The primary purpose of our class project is to encourage as many of our classmates to give back to the Academy as possible. To encourage giving, our vision is to allow classmates to give to an Academy designation of their choosing. The main goal of this project is participation and we are striving to see 50% of our Class of 2006 classmates participate in our Class Gift project by giving to support the program of their choice. Additionally, we would like to dedicate our giving efforts in honor of our classmates, Roslyn Schulte and James Steel.

Our classmates are already participating and we are working toward our goal. We ask that you join us as we can use your support!

Private funds are vital to a variety of USAF Academy programs that benefit all cadets. These very programs are the same tools that we benefitted from and shaped our cadet experiences. Please consider the following key points we feel are critical in our efforts in supporting our elite Academy as a top ranked institution.

  • Our goal is to achieve 50% of our class participating/donating (thanks to Javi Jasso for pushing us to set the bar this high). This is a participation campaign and if we achieve our goal we will be either #1 or 2 on the list of all USAFA classes when it comes to graduate donor participation.
  • We are doing this project in honor of Roz Schulte, our classmate who was the first female graduate killed in combat and James Steel who gave his life in combat action. There is the possibility that we will be able to honor them & their families when we conclude the campaign at a ceremony.
  • There are many different USAFA causes for classmates to choose from, including Athletic, Academic, or Character & Leadership funds. Everyone will be welcome to give to what they choose. So give to what you feel is most important to the Academy's success. (Please note that classmates who make a $1,000/year commitment to the Air Force Academy Fund are recognized as Sabre Society donors).
  • Class giving rates affect how the Academy is ranked as an institution in places like US News & World Report. This matters for our resumes! The Ivy League schools give in the 40% range, Navy & Army are in the high 20s and we're in the low 20s. We need to move the needle forward to stay competitive & keep our alma mater highly rated.
  • The federal government does not fill all the needs of the Academy. Many clubs would not run without donated money, and football/other sports would not be competitive without funding of this kind. Excellence comes at a cost and private-funding to the Air Force Academy provides that "margin-of-excellence" that government funding does not cover.
  • Donations are helpful come tax time.
  • It is easy to participate. We ask for everyone to consider a small monthly commitment over a 3-year period. A small monthly gift from 50% of our classmates can really add up to significant funding for the Academy.

Please feel free to email us at for additional details. Together we can give back to our Academy and contribute to the continuous development of our elite institution.



Bryce Fiacco                                                    Chad Polumbo

P.S. Please consider giving $10, $20, $50 or more a month.

To view giving options, please go to the USAFA giving page at