USAFA Endowment

Instructions on How To Contribute through a Government Allotment

  1. Log on to MyPay: (page will open in new window to still view instructions below)
  2. Click Allotments
  3. Choose Start Dependent Allotment
  4. Block 17:
    • Active Duty Air Force code: S965730
    • Retired Members code: O85 (Alpha, Numeric)
  5. Block 18: Enter the desired fund to which you want to contribute (list of funds)
  6. Enter Amount of Monthly Gift
  7. Allottee: USAFA Endowment, Inc
  8. Is Allottee a Guardian: No
  9. Click Save
  10. Date should appear notifying when allotment will start.
  11. Click: Yes to complete the process