P.B. and Jellies

P.B. Jellies

PB and Jellies New York Deli is a Colorado Springs original, and was established in the Summer of 2011. As a Graduate of the Air Force Academy Class of 1991, Art Romero has run a financial - related business since 2004, and his travels of have taken him to Wall Street on many occasions. On one particular NY trip, he decided to visit a similar peanut butter eatery in Greenwich Village along with his two teenage daughters. Filled with a variety of creamy peanut butters, NY deli choices and a fun atmosphere, the three of them decided that it was time to bring that atmosphere to downtown Colorado Springs.

Not only does PB and Jellies grind their peanuts to create a variety of creamy peanut butters right there in the restaurant, but they also have an award-winning jelly maker on staff who creates a variety of store-made creations as well. Cherry jalapeno, carrot cake, Fiesta de los peppers, caramelized garlic onion, and of course, amazing strawberry and grape jams are only a small sampling of the more than 20 varieties of creations you can experience at the jelly bar on any given day. Every ingredient in her jams are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, with never any preservatives included. The same goes for their peanut butters, their breads, and the meats that they use in the restaurant. No preservatives. If you visit, a good start would be to enjoy the Elvis. This creation includes crunchy peanut butter, honey, bacon and bananas - all grilled to perfection.

However, PB and Jellies doesn't end with peanut butter. If you enjoy high quality, and very large NY style deli sandwiches, you will enjoy the NY deli side of PB and Jellies. They use only high quality Boar's Head brand meat products in their sandwiches, including the very popular pastrami Reuben piled high with steamed pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and a little twist of goodness they like to keep secret that makes their Reuben, in the words of many, "the best Reuben" they have ever had. All beef, kosher Sabrett hot dogs, half-sour pickles, knish, Dr. Brown's sodas and NY bagels are only a small sampling of the food items they ship in from New York every week.

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In short, PB and Jellies is where freshly ground peanut butters, store-made award-winning jellies, and plentiful smiles come together. : )