Red Tails

Tuskegee Airman Colonel Charles E. McGee and his granddaughter. William 'T' Thompson introducing the movie Tuskegee Airmen at screening

Experience the Cadet Screening of Red Tails

AOG Sponsors Cadet Screening of Red Tails
Exciting news! The new film honoring the Tuskegee Airmen is coming to theaters in January, but the entire cadet wing was treated to the show by the USAFA Association of Graduates in partnership with the Commandant of Cadets. Groups of cadets went to Hollywood Multiplex to view the movie on November 20th and 21st.
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Red Tails Movie Poster

Cuba Gooding, Jr. recently visited the Academy to honor the troops and celebrate the new film Red Tails. View photos from Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s visit to the AOG.

If you haven't heard, the new Lucasfilm movie about the Tuskegee Airmen comes to theaters in January and the AOG was thrilled to sponsor this sneak peak.

It's a high-flying action epic inspired by the heroic exploits of the first all African-American aerial combat unit. Watch the action-packed trailer above!

In honor of Veterans Day, several videos featuring the Tuskegee Airmen were posted online and we'll be sharing those on our Facebook page. "Like" our page to get those updates automatically.

More information and videos for the movie