Purchase Class Club Membership


To gain exclusive access to many WebGuy functions you must purchase a membership to the Association of Graduates "Class Club". The amount due is connected to the class year of your cadet.

Class Club members with a Cadet in the Class of 2019, for example, will have monthly dues of $20.19. Class Club Members with a Prep School Cadet who will eventually graduate with the USAFA Class of 2020 will have monthly dues of $20.20. The AOG USAFA Class Club dues will be collected monthly by credit card for a minimum of 12 months. Payments will automatically continue per agreed upon terms and conditions.

There is a minimum 12 month enrollment unless the cadet departs the Academy before the end of the 12 months due to Graduation or Disenrollment. Members who choose to cancel before this minimum is met will pay for the remainder of the 12 months as one lump sum. See terms and conditions of the Class Club program for more details.


Pick the appropriate amount based on your cadet's class year: