There are many pricing options for USAFA AOG Membership. This quick form will determine the best pricing options for your situation. No identifiable information is required or recorded.

THANK YOU for deciding to join the Association of Graduates! Remember, members get up to 15% off when they shop the AOG gift shop!

Cadets may also pay for their Lifetime AOG Membership through an allotment that comes out of their cadet base pay. This is an easy way to pay for lifetime membership a little at a time and graduate with full membership. To start an allotment, fill out the DD Form 2558 and turn it into the cadet finance office. Contact the AOG at 719-472-0300 to determine the monthly amount of allotment and the Term in Months (fields 8 and 11).

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Family Plan Membership

Join the AOG USAFA Family Plan and watch your cadet and his or her class experience their cadet journey over the next 4 years, and move off into the ranks of the Long Blue Line after graduation.

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