Class of the Month: 2015

Every month we will recognize a featured class online, highlighting the accomplishments and catching up with where they are now.

  • This month we are celebrating the Class of 2015!

  • The Class of 2015 will graduate on May 28, 2015! Share your graduation photos using hashtag #usafa2015 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Class of 2015

View more photos and learn more about the senior fountain jumps after finals on the WebGuy blog.

USAFA Class of 2015: Congratulations from Home!

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Next Class

If you would like your class to be highlighted as the Class of the Month in the future, send us an email with class news or projects that you'd like to have showcased.

People have asked "How do you choose the class of the month?", and your class involvement with the AOG and USAFA Endowment really helps determine what projects we feature at a given time. Grads in the news can also impact what class content gets showcased from month to month.