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When our nation's first military academy was established in 1802, then President Thomas Jefferson envisioned an institution that would produce a corps of talented, disciplined and ethically guided individuals who would serve the nation in many capacities and from generation to generation.

Today, our Air Force Academy continues that vision by producing leaders of character who serve the nation in the military, in government, in business and in the community. But to attract the best young men and women, provide the best academic experience, and produce outstanding leaders of character requires financial resources that go beyond what is now being provided by the federal government.

That is why the USAFA Endowment was established as a charitable foundation supporting the United States Air Force Academy. Our purpose is simple: to provide private funds in support of the Air Force Academy's mission – building leaders of character for the Air Force and our nation. Providing this support to the Academy is a broad task and will be a continual effort. But at the moment, there is a focus to our activities informed by the current priorities of the institution. Currently we are actively raising support for the following projects: Sabre Society

The Air Force Academy Fund
and Sabre Society

Your gift to the Air Force Academy Fund allows the Endowment the flexibility to use your gift where it is needed most – in support of the Academy, the Association of Graduates, or for Endowment operations. It also affords us the opportunity to move quickly on unexpected opportunities on behalf of these organizations.

The Scowcroft Professorship in National Security Studies

The Professorship is named in honor of Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft, commemorating his lifetime of distinguished service to the nation. The Professorship is charged with teaching, conducting and promoting research on defense and space issues, expanding internship and graduate fellowship opportunities for cadets, and fostering a national dialogue on space issues among all sectors of the space community. Filled by a scholar of national reputation, the Professorship further establishes the Air Force Academy as the leading undergraduate institution in the areas of defense and space policy, and helps develop successive generations of Air Force officers with a vocation for space.

USAFA Planetarium

Since 2004, the Air Force Academy has gone without the valuable academic tools and community outreach opportunities offered by the USAFA Planetarium. With the help of generous donations from interested graduates, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) partners, and educational organizations, USAFA hopes to celebrate the rejuvenation and reopening of its planetarium. Modern planetariums have a far broader utility than simple star-gazing, and the plan for USAFA’s Planetarium, much like our cadets, is both positive and ambitious. Please help USAFA's cadets participate in the many amazing future celestial events.