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Summer Newsletter, July 2014


We hope your summer is going well!!! We have a few things to bring to your attention so let's get right to them:

Falcon Foundation Chairman Elect:
At our Spring Meeting, following a yearlong search, Trustee Gen Gene Renuart was elected to become our next Foundation Chairman. He will assume the position during our Fall Meeting.

Fall Meeting and Banquet:
Committee Meetings - Thursday 2 Oct – Arnold Hall
Board Meeting - Friday 3 Oct – USAA Building
Banquet - Friday 3 Oct – Arnold Hall Ball Room
Beat Navy - Saturday 4 Oct – Falcon Stadium

Potential conflict of Interest/Code of Ethics Heads Up:
Following this Falcon Blast, all Trustees will receive an email letter with attachment that addresses a potential COI/COE issue for some Trustees. Please read this carefully and contact us should you have any questions.

Falcon Scholar Stats:
Past year - We had 60 Falcon Scholars this past year. Fifty-four entered USAFA Class of 2018, for a 90% entry rate. Of the remaining six, one accepted an appointment to West Point, another to Merchant Marine Academy, one declined appointment in order to pursue another profession, and three were not offered appointment.

Since 2000 – We have averaged 91.7% Falcons entering USAFA and 94.6% since 2010.

Next Year – We will have 61 Falcon Scholars for 2014-15.  Recall these Falcons will be the first to benefit from the substantial improvement in our scholarship.  Previously our scholarship was a flat $5,000.  For 2014-15, our scholarship will be roughly 50% Foundation, 25% school and 25% family, which significantly reduces family cost while increasing Foundation expense...but that is what we do!

Prep School Visits (you are welcome to join the President):
6 Aug……..New Mexico Military
26 Aug…...Wentworth
27 Aug…...Randolph-Macon
9 Sep………Kent School
4 Nov………Marion
6 Nov………Greystone
18 Nov…….Northwestern

Foundation Dues:
Our dues increase this year from $300 to $400. The notices have been sent out and on-line dues payment is an option.

New Members:
At our Spring Meeting, 17 new members were elected to become Trustees. They include: Richard Barr, Mike Christy, David Erhart, Susan Helms, Anthony Lazarski, Eugene Lupia, Randy Martinez, Craig McKinley, Cathy McClain, Charles Phillips, Steven Polk, Anthony Przybyslawski, Christine Rafalko, Edward Rice, David Scott, Randall Spetman, and Dale Tabor.

Actions for Fall Meeting:

  1. Post Graduate Scholarships. At the Spring Meeting a four point plan was laid out to help bring the Foundation to a decision on Post Graduate Scholarships. Toward that goal, AF recently announced continued support for the CSAF PG scholarships: The Chief of Staff of the Air Force will sponsor three eligible captains to pursue a doctorate degree through the fiscal year 2015 CSAF Captains Prestigious PhD Program.

    • The Chairman will engage with the CSAF and the AF / A-1 (Personnel) to determine AF commitment to Post Graduate Education to provide manpower positions for any PG Scholarships we might offer.
    • The Scholarship Committee will coordinate with AF / A-1 to develop an MOU for potential PG Scholarships.
    • The Strategic Planning Committee will conduct due diligence on our Strategic Plan, Mission, Vision, Purpose and our Governance documents,  to determine whether or not any changes would be necessary should the Foundation decide to fund PG Scholarships.
    • The Finance Committee, Treasurer, Audit Committee and Scholarship Committee will work together to determine the funding required in order to fund PG Scholarships along with how to raise those funds.

  2. Prep School Standards and Criteria. Report on deployment of self-assessments to Prep Schools.

  3. Trustee Participation.  Report on NGC effort to improve Trustee opportunity, involvement, and participation in Foundation activities.

  4. Alison Award.  Report on Trophy design.

  5. Elect Officers, Elect new At Large members of our Governing Trustees, and Re-elect members in good standing whose term will expire in the coming year.

  6. Farewell Chairman Martin and Welcome Chairman Renuart.

Trustee Recognition:
Dick Newton recently named as Executive Director of the Union League in New York City. Bart Holaday and Bill Looney were honored as Distinguished Graduates of USAFA for 2013, at the 2014 Founders Day Banquet. To date, 14 of the 26 DG’s are Foundation Trustees!!

USAFA Update:
Commandant of Cadets Maj Gen Greg Lengyel has moved on to Commander SOCEUR and Brig Gen Steve Williams is the new Commandant (former 35th FW / CC at Misawa, Japan). Vice Superintendent, Brig Gen Evan Miller, will be moving this summer to become the A-4 for PACAF. The new CV for USAFA will be Col Doug Lamberth. The Prep School Commander, Col Kabrena Rodda, has retired, and the new Commander is Col Jerry Szybist, coming from the Air Staff / A-7. The Superintendent, recently provided a significant update on the Academy and by clicking HERE, you will be able to review it. Well worth your time!

Jay W Kelley
Lt Gen, USAF (ret)
Falcon Foundation