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Winter Newsletter, February 2014

Fellow Trustees,

Following are a few items to keep you informed on your Foundation:

  1. Website. Please visit our Foundation website at www.falconfoundation.org. You will find a wealth of information and updates on our Foundation and news you can use!! We continue our work to develop a "Trustee Only and Private" website.

  2. Trustee Recognition.

    a. Trustees Bill Looney and Bart Holaday have been selected as the 2013 Distinguished Graduates of USAFA. They will be recognized at the Founders Day Banquet, 4 April, here at USAFA.

    b. Trustees Bruce Whitman and Al McArtor have been recognized by the "Living Legends of Aviation." Trustee Whitman as a "Lifetime Aviation Industry Leader", and Trustee McArtor, as one of seven new "Living Legends of Aviation."

    c. Additionally, Trustee McArtor has been announced as the new Chairman and CEO of Airbus Group, Inc, effective 1 March 2014, succeeding Sean O'Keefe.

    d. Trustee Mike Hamel, has been appointed President, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Commercial Ventures.

  3. USAFA 60th anniversary. We were asked to provide input to USAFA for inclusion in the celebration of the Academy's 60th year. A number of historical events/dates were provided and will be added to our website. For a preview, Click Here.

  4. New nominations for Foundation membership. Heads up for the start of new nominations. You should have received, via e-mail, the Chairman's Charge regarding new nominations along with the additional instructions necessary to identify the best and brightest for our Foundation.
  5. Spring Meeting. We will meet Friday, 2 May, 0800, here at USAFA in Doolittle Hall. As usual, we will have pastry and coffee starting at 0730. Committees to include the Governing Trustees will meet on Thursday, 1 May. Details on committee sessions to follow.

  6. Dues. Please recall that at our Fall meeting it was decided to raise Foundation dues to $400 per year. Our fiscal year runs 1 Jul to 30 Jun. You can expect to receive a dues notice in June. To provide you the most flexibility, we will be able to accept on-line payments, check or cash, at your pleasure.

Your thoughts, comments, and questions are always welcome, so please do not hesitate to contact us here at the office. In the meantime please be safe and we look forward to seeing you at the Spring meeting!

Jay W Kelley
Lt Gen, USAF (ret)
Falcon Foundation