USAFA Endowment

Our Priorities

The Endowment is actively raising support for two specific projects identified as key priorities by the Academy.

The newly expanded Center for Character and Leadership Development

The Indoor Training Facility - The Initiative for the Future of Air Force Athletics

The Center for Character and Leadership Development

Our nation's security dilemma is dynamic; its course is complex and chaotic rather than linear. The dramatic changes brought on by technological, ideological, and economic aspects of the 21st Century have only elevated this traditional challenge to a new level of difficulty. The contemporary imperatives of the changing profession of arms require new thinking and new approaches.

At the same time, we face rapid cultural and social changes in the form of the young men and women selected to attend the Air Force Academy. Each successive generation of cadets brings with it unique qualities of intellect and character to our Academy... qualities that keep pace with time and demand differing approaches. Yet, our core values as an Air Force, those of integrity, service before self and excellence in all we do , have remained unchanged, and rightly so. These core values, and the young leaders they inspire, have never been more critical to our nation's success.

The task of reconciling these core values with revolutionary changes in the profession of arms, as well as the evolving personalities of our cadets, is extremely difficult. More than ever before, the Air Force Academy is being called upon to conduct cutting edge research into the nature of a rapidly changing military profession, into the qualities of character and leadership required to serve this profession, and into the most effective techniques for successfully implanting such qualities in our graduates. No single academic discipline covers the breadth of this endeavor; no traditional training program can deal adequately with its complexity; and no bureaucracy... whether military or civilian... is likely to be totally comfortable with the implications of such research.

Against this background, the Air Force Academy is embarking on a major effort to greatly expand the existing Center for Character Development. The new Center for Character and Leadership Development will offer more robust programs and impressive new facilities, which are better able to ensure that our graduates possess qualities of character and leadership consistent with the imperatives of a very dynamic profession of arms.

To speak with our staff about support for the Center for Character and Leadership Development, please contact the Office of Major Gifts.

The Indoor Training Facility - (Holaday Athletic Center)

The USAFA Endowment, at the request of the Air Force Academy, is actively seeking private support for the construction of a regulation-sized indoor athletic training facility, the largest privately funded capital project in Academy history.

This facility will significantly enhance the physical and mental development of all cadets, in addition to providing an arena for developing their leadership skills. The Holaday Athletic Center marks a bold stride forward in building a culture of philanthropy among graduates, parents and friends.

As one of the nation’s premier practice venues, this facility will have a profound impact on the Academy’s ability to continue to attract the best and brightest student-athletes from around the country.

As graduates, parents and friends, we undertake this initiative to firmly secure the future of Air Force Athletics.