USAFA Endowment

Our Approach

The Endowment has a unique approach to fundraising, tied directly to our Vision and Mission. Key components are:

  • Our Commitment to Donors
  • Our Guiding Principles
  • Our Charitable Priorities

Our Commitment to Donors

  • We hold donor service first and foremost.
  • We commit to integrity and transparency in all our dealings. We will recognize our donors' contributions while respecting donor-requested privacy.
  • We seek perfection in every written communication and report we produce.
  • We under-promise, over-prepare, and over-deliver.
  • We get the job done regardless of who gets the credit.
  • We welcome constructive criticism.
  • We seek continuous improvement in every aspect of our operation.
  • Cooperation and respect characterize our interactions with each other and the outside world.
  • Quality preempts quantity.
  • Execution supersedes intention.

Our Guiding Principles

There are no fees or deductions.All restricted donations are used exclusively for their intended charitable purpose. No fees or other deductions are taken by the Endowment.

Our Board is stable and independent. The structure of the USAFA Endowment is such that donors can have confidence that their gifts will be stewarded carefully and consistently over time by other donors.

We are committed to a positive and supportive approach. The singular role of the USAFA Endowment is to provide financial support for vital Academy programs. We will not make any public pronouncements on the policy decisions of the Academy or the Air Force.

We are fully transparent. Our operations have complete audit and donor visibility annually. Annual reports are provided to each donor—both for the USAFA Endowment as a whole, and for each donor’s individual gift.

Our Charitable Priorities:

The USAFA Endowment continues to underwrite the mission of the Air Force Academy by supporting various broad programs including:

  • The Air Force Academy Fund / Sabre Society
  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Cadet Activities
  • Character and Leadership Development
  • Military Development