USAFA Endowment

Class Gift Program

USAFA Class of 2012

The Mission of the Class Gift Program is to provide graduating cadets of the United States Air Force Academy a way to make a commitment of giving back to the Academy upon graduation. Graduating cadets are encouraged to make a five-year commitment of giving to an Academy designation of their choosing. The main goal of this project is participation and the Class of 2012 strives to see 100% of their classmates participate in the inaugural year of this program. Classmates are encouraged to give back to the designation of their choice. Some of these giving options include gifts to the Air Force Academy Fund, the Long Blue Line Endowment, support for an academic area, support for an NCAA team sport, or support for Cadet Activities.

With an overall graduate participation rate of only 11%, the Class of 2012 seeks to change a culture and reach an unprecedented level of participation. This will create a benchmark for classes that follow. A strong graduate participation rate increases the value of a United States Air Force Academy degree, helps in obtaining higher national rankings, and assists the Academy in securing private support from organizations and foundations. It is also something graduates can point to as a point of pride in our Academy.

Members of the Class of 2012 can make a 5 year commitment of $10 or $20.12 a month. Those who make a commitment will be listed online.

Sign up for a new commitment or begin contributions to your existing commitment.

For Class Giving questions, please contact Razelle Doherty at the USAFA Endowment at or call 719-472-0300 x222.