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The Association of Graduates is dedicated to helping graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy connect to resources which will help them continue on a successful career path, which began with dedication to serving our country.

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Join the AOG Career Center’s Alumni Network to get started! Mentors can teach from your experience and ease life transitions for your fellow alumni. Protégés can learn from fellow alumni who have already walked a similar path in the military or in business.

Networking is your key to many opportunities. Mentoring is your way to give back. Start connecting today!

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■ Do both! Mentor and be mentored at the same time – a great way to strengthen your alumni connection and business network!

Meet your AOG Career Advisor!

Beth Wade

Connect with Beth on LinkedIn

Beth Wade currently serves Air Force Academy alumni as the Director of Business Development. She has managed AOG career programs since 2013 and serves as the liaison for the AOG’s joint career program Board of Directors, along with representatives of each of our sister service academies.

A graduate of Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Marketing, specializing in Professional Sales. After graduating, she began her career with Caterpillar, Inc. as a Marketing Communications Representative in the Electric Power Division of their corporate headquarters. In the wake of the 2009 economic downturn, she found herself at a crossroads in the job market and quickly transitioned to the Colorado Springs area. In Colorado, she found career success in the banking industry before joining the Association of Graduates team in 2011.

Her passion for serving veterans is apparent in her role with the AOG and in her personal pursuits, going above and beyond to mentor veterans and serve as a resource through all stages of their careers. Over the last 5 years, she has given her personal time to assist veterans through their transitions, helping with career aptitude assessments, education opportunities, business networking, Linked In, resume writing, job fair preparation, and other unique needs of service members moving into the civilian workforce.

To increase her ability to serve those who have served, Beth will be pursuing her Masters in Counseling with a focus on career counseling in 2017. In the meantime, she is working toward earning her credentials as an Associate Career Coach through the International Coach Federation, the governing organization for career coaching professionals.

Since 2015, Beth has worked remotely for the AOG from Arlington, Virginia, where she lives with her husband, Matt, an Active Duty Air Force Master Sergeant.

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